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How Sweary Are You?

I’m sure my neighbors were wondering what the hell I was laughing at so hysterically. In short, this test includes some very creative swear words.

Kneading bread in my husband’s old work shirt.
Beet Crust Pizza
I really need to make this (with my own beets, of course).

One half of an everything bagel and one half of a cinnamon raisin bagel (toasted, with salted sweet cream butter), warm, gentle rain watering my newly planted seeds and salad patch, lilacs on my kitchen table, Loreena McKennitt, the weekly bread and granola in the works, some sort of pottage for supper, and an late afternoon/evening cup of tea to look forward to.

"We waste so many days waiting for the weekend. So many nights wanting morning. Our lust for future comfort is the biggest thief of life."

- unknown (via thatkindofwoman)

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"I must have flowers, always, and always."


Claude Monet (via rainysundaysandcoffee)

Currently at the Botanical Interests website, ordering more flower seeds.

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velvet swing  | by © MARGUERITE GISELE | via addictedtoprogress

Beautiful in life, even more so in death.
Took this picture last summer(2010) in Colorado. Right outside of a friends Cabin.

untitled by AnyDirectFlight on Flickr.

Country Lane, Lake District, England
photo via lulu

Moving here and living out my Beatrix Potter dream.

Kurt: “In the last couple of months, I’ve gotten engaged and my attitude has changed drastically, and I can’t believe how much happier I am and how even less career oriented I am. At times I even forget I’m in a band, I’m so blinded by love. I know that sounds embarrassing, but it’s true. I could give the band up right now. It doesn’t matter. But I’m under contract.” Courtney: “We get attention for our relationship, but if we didn’t have bands, no one would care. I mean, the reason we’re doing this interview is girls have been trained to look up to rock star boys as these… objects. They grow up their whole lives with horses or rock stars on their walls. For me, I didn’t want to marry a rock star, I wanted to be one. I had a feminist hippie mom, and she told me I could do whatever I wanted to do. But a lot of girls think that to go out with somebody who’s cool or successful, they have to be pretty and submissive and quiet. They can’t be loud and obnoxious like me, and they can’t have their own thing.”

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